Everyone loved the video. It was beautifully done and
our group thought that it captured the essence of our program.
I don't think that we could have asked for a better video.
Thank you again for all of your hard work. We truly appreciate it and we hope that we are able to work with you again.

 - Stephanie L. Laurinec - UMHS - TOP


Survival Flight

A musically driven piece meant to convey the professionalism and dedication of the nurses in the sky.

RNA Center for biomedicine

A Video aimed at increasing awareness and support for the new RNA Center for Biomedicine at the University of Michigan.

Anesthesiology Residents

A film to encourage new Medical School graduates to pick the Michigan Anesthesiology program.

FANTASTIC!! The final video gives me goosebumps! The creative and emotional impact you achieved with our limited input is beyond impressive.

 - Andrea Eberle - University of Michigan



Breaking down misconceptions and educating patients and families who are candidates for electroconvulsive therapy.

Doctors of tomorrow

Students from Detroit Public Schools are introduced to the medical profession as a career. They then realize just how high they can aim.


A film created to celebrate and encourage young pre-medical students to sign up for an internship working inside the Translational Oncology Center.


"Thanks again! The video really made a HUGE difference in our ability to explain the device to everyone."

 - Nolan Orfield - President Aquaro Biosystems


Energy Works michigan

A longer form documentary about the ways EWM benefits students and schools.


Capturing the beauty of Mott Childrens Hospital's Craniofacial patients as they have a makeover day.

student FARM

Students started a farm to cultivate crops and community. All about the beauty of getting your hands dirty and digging in to nature.

Providing consistent, high quality production.


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to create beautiful films that educate and inspire.