You guys seriously ROCK!!!!
The staff absolutely love the video and are very excited.
I can’t believe what you could accomplish in just a couple of days.
Thanks so much for working so diligently on this for us!!

 - Kylie O’Brien. - UMHS - Department of Communication


Life Sciences Orchestra

The Life Sciences Orchestra is a much needed escape for med students and faculty, and is in need of funding to keep it going.

Emerging Scholars

A film that shines light on the difficulty faced by young scientists, who are in need of funding for their groundbreaking research.

AATMRI Overview

Created to show donors the true breadth and scope of the A. Alfred Taubman Medical Research Institute.

The video is getting high marks from the viewers. Well done!
Thanks for your patience... Looks great. How did you do it?"

 - Roberto Merlin - Xondas



The PaceSetter® by Aquaro
automates the slide mounting process.


An invisible new wireless charging technology gets a way to show investors how it works - and how it could change the world.

Ford performance group

A showcase of the fastest Mustangs
in production.

 I wanted to thank you for the excellent work on the video.
- We are really impressed with the quality of work.

 - Erin Peterson - Honey Creek School



From the Life Sciences Orchestra
to the Concert of Colors


We shoot everything from concerts to conferences and everything along the happy continuum between the two.

Long symposiums, short speeches, whatever the case, we got it.  With a no-nonsense approach we will get the best image and sound we can - even on short notice.