Founded in 2002, Logan6 is one of the most respected video production firms contracted by the University of Michigan.


Logan6 is a boutique production agency specialized in health, medical and scientific communications. We’ve worked with clients of all sizes -- from start-up biotech firms to nonprofit organizations and major research universities -- to tell stories of patient care, discoveries and new initiatives. We bring experience in branding and can articulate complex messages on multiple platforms to diverse audiences to advance your organization’s mission.
We can produce the materials you need, from a single short video to a full suite of marketing collateral, and have the experience required to translate complex information for a general audience, work with patients and doctors, coach C-suite leaders and work within the legal and ethical landscape of today’s clinics and labs. If your goal is to educate new patients on your clinical care, attract investors, increase philanthropic gifts or train your employees, Logan6 brings the creative and technical skill to ensure your message gets through with clarity.
Our capabilities: Video production: script development, professional-quality video and audio, editing, talent acquisition and direction, animation and graphics
Writing: brochures, proposals, technical documents, press releases, annual reports
Photography: portrait and event
Graphic design for web and print collateral, slide presentations
Social media management
Logan6 is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and focused on clients throughout the Midwest.





Jonathan Hoard
Producer & Cinematographer

Jessica Grabski Roldan
Associate Producer, Editor
and Apple Eater


Our Clients range from International to Local.



Studio Specifics


  • We can shoot interviews to table top products
  • Green Screen at 4:2:2
  • Several backdrops for different background options



  • 15 X 20 feet
  • full lighting set included
  • Canon c100 with Atomos or HPX170 with built in 4:2:2
  • iMacs with Blackmagic Studio Express