You guys seriously ROCK!!!!
The staff absolutely love the video and are very excited.
I can’t believe what you could accomplish in just a couple of days. Thanks so much for working so diligently on this for us!!

- Kylie O’Brien. - UMHS - Department of Communication


Content driven by authority

Any good marketing video starts with good content.  And who knows the content better than the authority on the subject?  We treat our marketing videos like a creating documentary - we need to earn the respect of our audience.  We get to the core of why the video matters through a rich and beautiful interview. Once respect is earned we win minds and then we can win hearts.

RNA Center for biomedicine

- 5:37 -

A Video aimed at increasing awareness and support for the new RNA Center for Biomedicine at the University of Michigan.


- 2:11 -

A film to encourage new Medical School graduates to pick the Michigan Anesthesiology program.